SS spunbond non woven machine

The non woven machinery is a manufacturing process from polypropylene to non woven fabric. A polymer melt is extruded from a screw extruder. The polymer is extremely stretched by high-speed hot air or other means to form very fine short fibers. A web is formed on a roller or a screen curtain. It is finally reinforced by self-adhesion or thermal bonding. This is called spun bond. Spun bond nonwoven fabric is air permeability,durable and water repellent.

SS Nonwoven Fabric Application

SS nonwoven fabric can be used in package industry such as shopping bags, rice bags, tea bags, clothing packaging, etc.. What’s more, it’s the material of face masks, baby diapers and household products.

Model No.SS-1600SS-2400SS-3200Custom
Machine SizeL29*W13*H10mL30*W14*H10mL32*W15*H10m
Machine Speed350m/min350m/min350m/min
Gram Weight10-150 GSM10-150 GSM10-150 GSM
Daily Output9 tons13 tons18 tons
Nonwoven Width1600 mm2400 mm3200 mm

SS Nonwoven Machinery Video

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