After-sales service is of critical concern by non woven production line buyers. These kind of industrial equipments require experienced engineers to help install and debug. This is quite different from other products. After-sales service in non woven production line is not the end of business, but beginning instead. Here are some concerns from machine purchasers.

assembled non woven production line

Frank: It took my previous machine supplier more than two month to solve a mechanic problem. we had suffered irrevocable losses during their machine downtime thanks to his slow response. How you are going to ensure a prompt response to provide a quick-fix when machine in Vietnam.

Edwin: Are you going to send engineers to my factory for installation? Will you train my operators?

Jose: I do not have any knowledgeable mechanical technician or electrical engineer. I will be operating the machine myself. How will you guide me in this case?

The crux of these typical problems is that most buyers are afraid of being left out. As they have handed over a large sum of full payment to an overseas stranger in their first-time deal. After receiving many of such questions, I keep thinking. How can I assure you that we are constantly putting promises in mind?

Before I show you how we perform our after-sales, let us get closer to the deal of non woven production line.

What is After-sales Service Really about?

In my opinion, after-sales service in non woven machine deal contains three aspects. They are machine installation and debugging, operation training and fault resolution.

Machine Installation and Debugging

This is the step of assembling individual piece of equipment. As soon as installed, the engineer should debug and insure the machine to run normally.

Operation Training

Our engineer will leave when the machine starts up. So it’s important to teach buyer’s workers to operate and debug the machine.

Error Resolution

When we come across the machine faults that the buyer’s engineer is not able to solve, we will offer on-line guidance.

non woven production line engineers

How do We Ensure a Satisfying After-sale Service?


As we are quite a believer that Business is all about people. Communication matters most. The first but top important thing is to figure out what the problems are. Patient communication plays a critical role.

Instructional Video

When we know the specific problem of non woven machine, we can send customer instructional video. These videos will tell the customer how to debug step by step.

One-on-One Online Guidance

For some complicated errors, we will have an online video over the internet with the engineer from customers’ side.

Local Engineer

Sometimes, online guidance is also not workable. Then we will help the customer find a local engineer who is the master of our machine. We know a lot of Chinese engineers who stay and work abroad for long term. At the same time, we keep contacts of foreign engineer teams which have rich experiences on non woven machines.

Send Engineer

During special pandemic period, we don’t think it’s a smart solution to send our engineers to debug at customers’ factory. If insist or very necessary, we will do according to customer’s request.

For normal process, we will send 2 or 4 engineers to install and test the production line as soon as new non woven machine arrives. After installation, our engineers will train customers’ workers in their factory. It will take around two months for whole installation and training. The buyer should cover engineers’ salary and Visa cost. The buyer should cover round air tickets, accommodations, transportation, food, medical care, safety cost, and related cost in buyers’ country. Meanwhile, the buyer should prepare enough labors, electric wire outside the control panel and tools for installations.


We always think that after-sales service is the most important in non woven machine industry. It’s especially critical for spun-melt production line, such as SMS or SMMS. It surely increases the reputation among the customers as well as in the market. We can accept that customers don’t choose our machine because of price. But it’s unacceptable to lose a customer due to poor after-sales service.

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