During COVID-19 period, most buyers think shipping non woven machine from China is a hassle. Buyers can’t go to factory for quality inspection. The freight continues to increase. Moreover, it’s difficult to order containers. In fact, shipping transportation runs maturely. It owns a fixed international system. So shipping should not be a problem when you buy non woven machines from China. What should we do to ship containers smoothly ? Let’s look at below steps which might do you some help.

Online Quality Inspection

Buyers are still not allowed to come to China as the epidemic is not over. It seems impossible to check the non woven machine on the spot. Instead, we can inspect machines online. First, buyers should ask suppliers to offer some machine’s photos. This is to make sure that goods are finished. Second, buyers can make an appointment with suppliers for an online video inspection.

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Container booking

Containers should be booked one month in advance due the disorder shipping schedule. Both shippers and buyers must follow it closely. Effective communication will avoid troubles. Here is an example based on FOB price term. The buyer offers the shipper the contact of forwarder in China. Then the shipper makes booking. At the same time, the shipper notices the buyer. This is for sure this ship booking is not lost.

Container Load from Non Woven Machine Manufacturer

When loading non woven equipments, crane and forklift will be used. The machines are too heavy to carry by hands. What’s more, don’t forget to take loading photos. In Wenzhou city, it usually takes 6 hours to arrive in Ningbo port.

non woven machine load into container

Declare to Custom

The containers will be gathered at the port station. The forwarder will declare to Custom. After approved, the goods will be uploaded to the ship.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance is very necessary. If FOB, the buyer should buy the insurance bill. If CIF, the shipper has to take charge of insurance. This will not cost too much. But it will save your lost when accidents happen.

Less than Container Load or Full Container

If you purchase one set of non woven fabric making machine, full containers are requested. Take smallest Single S 1.6m fabric width for example, 3-4 40’ feet containers are required. The installed machine size reaches 1500x860x950cm (LxWxH). FCL is also the most cost effective freight method available, if counted by cost per volumetric unit.

If you just order some spare parts for nonwoven machine, you should go for LCL. Basically, LCL is shared container freight. Cargo from multiple buyers is stored in the same container.

Shipping Date

The lead time from departure port to destination is up to the shipping distance. Especially in the special time, the ship commonly makes a delay. A brief overview is as follow.

– Ningbo –VNSGN, Vietnam 1 week.

– Ningbo –ISTANBUL, Turkey 30 days.

– Ningbo –MXCSL, Mexico : 30 days

– Ningbo – Los Angeles, USA: 15 days

– Ningbo – South Africa, Kenya,30 days

–Ningbo – Pakistan, India, 21 days

Here I’d like to remind you that it will take you 3 to 7 days before your cargo is transported to the port of loading in China. The same delay happens in the port of destination. It some cases, it reaches as long as one month. It depends on the local Custom. So you should consider this accident when you make the plan for the project of non woven machine.

non woven machine shipped by vessel

Customs Clearance

You will be informed a few days before the container arrives. Containers will be unloaded as soon as the vessel arrives. For safety or other reasons, some containers will be inspected by local Custom, but most are not. Your forwarder will also ask you to offer reference documents in advance, such as bill of lading, commercial invoice and packing list. All these documents are offered by shipper when you make balance payment. Normally it will take one week to get the container.

Goods are damaged

As soon as you receive the goods, you must check if there are any damages. As an experienced manufacturer of non woven machine, we always suggest customers to purchase insurance for goods. Here is advice for you to follow if your cargo is damaged.

  1. Take photos and videos of the damaged parts.
  2. Contact and tell the supplier details of damaged parts.
  3. Calculate the total value loss. This should refer to the value stated on the commercial invoice.
  4. Contact your insurance company for compensation.


With above tips, I think you will not be worried about delivery when you buy non woven production line from China. As a factory, we will send engineers to your workshop to install and debug machines. We will also help fix or replace the damaged parts at charge. Our after-service is always around you and it’s lifetime.

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