Spun bond non woven fabric making machine is a production line. It’s composed of various equipments. When you purchase this set of non woven machine, the manufacturer will offer you a machine configuration. It usually contains main equipments, spare parts and necessary tools for installation. You should make a comparison of each plant in China. Because it differs a lot in price and quality.  In order to help you have a further understanding, I will show you the configuration of our machine.

Major Parts of Non Woven Machine

Dosing Device

Dosing equipment consists of a main material tank, two ingredient tanks, a mixing tank and a suction device. Raw material PP transports from ground to the third floor automatically. Master batch is added for different colors of non woven fabric.

Material Extruder

This extruder is used to melt and extrude PP chips and additives. Master batches are one of the main additives. They also refer to antioxidant, anti-pilling agent and flame retardant agent,. This device includes chip inlet, automatic temperature controls, cooling system and alarm system.

It’s A.C. frequency control. There are eight heating zones. Each zone’s temperature control adopts closed-loop system. It contains thermometer, solid-state relay and pt100 platinum resistor. There are three screw sizes for different machines. They are Φ135 mm,Φ150 mm and Φ170 mm. The max extruding capacity is 450kg/h. Rotary speed of screw is 20-80 r/min.

Recycle Extruder

Recycle extruder is used for scrap recovery. The structure is same as main extruder. There are four heating zones. The screw size: Φ105 x 15

Vertical Filter

This is a two-stage melt filter. Each filter works independently. When one filter becomes dirty, just turn the steering wheel, then the other filter works instead of the previous one. It doesn’t need to turn off the machine power. The filter can remove impurities and gels in the melt polymer effectively. This system will improve product quality and extend service life of spinning parts. What’s more, this device will increase production capacity and reduce consumption.

filter diagram of non woven machine

Metering Pump

The metering pump is to control the supply speed of PP melt flow. Precise Spin Pumps control is required to insure the match product feed rate with the fiber draw rate. It is critical to monitor and protect these spin pumps because they are the heart of the system.  The pump is designed with 200/250/300cc (cubic centimeter).Rotation speed is 40rpm as max.

Spinning System

The spinning machine consists of a melt pipeline, a filter, a metering pump, a spinning channel, a monomer suction device and a spinning component. The melt from the extruder flows to the melt pipeline. The spinning box evenly divides the melt from spin pump. It keeps the melt in heat condition. The melt becomes filaments through spinneret plate. There are around 20000 holes in the spinneret. It is as small as Φ0.3 mm.

Cooling Box

When the spinneret makes the filaments, the cool air blows the filaments in both up and down direction. This makes filaments cool down rapidly. 

Stretching system

Stretching system includes upper drawing channel, lower drawing channel, and diffusion channel. It’s used for the stretching of filaments. Normal working width is 3200mm. Quenching air volume is 10,000m3/h. Air pressure reaches around 5000Pa.

Web former

Web former supplies a carrier for the stretching fiber. It includes a drive system for web forming belt, a suction channel device, a sealing device, an automatic correcting device, belt tensioning device, a frame and a roller. The highest process speed is 350m/min. Air permeating ratio of web forming belt is 8000- 10000m3/h.

web formation of non woven machine


Calendar is used for bonding formed webs by pressure and heating. It is driven by individual motor and oil furnace. The calendar normally consists of engraved upper roll and plain lower roll. Process speed is 10-500m/min. Roller width is 3200mm.

Winder Machine

Winder machine includes two plain rolls and two pneumatic rolls. It is used for winding the webs on rolls. Max winding size is Φ2400 mm.

Complete List of Non Woven Spare Parts (Single S)

Equipment List

Line No.NameQuantiyBrandDetails
1Extruder1 setJINGHU135/30 with AC motor 75KW
2Recycle Extruder1 setJINGHU105/15 with AC motor 18.5KW
3Dosing Device1 setYANPENG7.5KW AC motor, electric heating
4Filter1 setYUFENGAutomatic candle filter
5Meter Pump1 setAODEHUA200cc,5.5KW
6Spinning Box1 setYANPENG2 sets of spinneret including distribution board
7Stretching Device1 setYANPENGUpper and lower stretching
8Cooling Box1 setYANPENGUsed for cooling
9Suction Air Duct1 setYANPENGPneumatic conveying
10Web Former1 setYANPENGSelf made AC motor 7.5KW
11Calendar1 setGUANGYU150m/min.,22KW
12Oil Furnace1 setYANCHENGOil heating
13Calciner1 setYANCHENGFor cleaning the spinneret
14Winder1 setYANPENG150mm/min,5.5KW
15Blowing Fan1 setJIANGSUGive a positive wind to draw the fiber
16Exhaust Fan1 setJIANGSUGive a negative wind to draw the fiber
17Monomer Fan1 setJIANGSUTake out the duty from the material
18Air conditioning box1 setKAIYUFor refrigeration
19Refrigeration Unit1 setSHUANGFENGFor refrigeration
20Cooling Tower1 setSHUANGFENGFor refrigeration
21Slitter1 setYANPENGUsed to cut the fabric,min. cutting width 100mm.
22Steel Platform1 setYANPENGSolid Steel
23Power Cabinet1 setYANPENGWith touch panel
24Ultrasonic Cleaning 1 setZHANGJIAGANGCleaning spinneret plate
25Calciner1 setYANCHENGCleaning spinneret plate

Spare parts list

Line No.NameUnitQuantity
1Filter Mesh for Filter Changerset1
2Spinning filter meshpcs20
3F4 seal for spinning boardkg1
4Web curtainpcs2
5Curtain connect wirepcs2
6Mesh for ACset1
7Cooling soft water pipe for Calendarpc1
8Hot oil soft pipe for Calendarpc1
9Infrared central control systemset1
10Air piperoll1
11Mesh for honeycomb panelroll1
12Heat preservation spongeroll1
13Glass gluepc1
14Glass glue gunpc1
15Screws for spinneretset1
16Dispatch tool for calendarset1
17Dispatch tool for filterset1
18Air bagpcs2


Above are basic parts for Single S spun bond nonwoven polypropylene machine. You should also prepare for tools for installation. Contact us for more details of non woven machine.

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