single s non woven machine

Single S nonwoven equipment is a production line that used to produce spunbond nonwoven fabric. They are widely applied both in package material and face mask. The nonwoven equipment uses spunbond processing method. It can form a fiber web symmetrically. This kind of nonwoven fabric has advantages of superior performance, beautiful color and good quality.

Single S Nonwoven Fabric Application

Single S nonwoven Fabric is super cost-effective. It’s the ideal material of shopping bags which require durability, reusability and water repellent. This type nonwoven fabric is also used in outer and inner layers of face mask.

Model No.S-1600S-2400S-3200Custom
Machine SizeL15*W8.6*H9.5mL15*W9*H9.5mL15*W10*H9.5m
Machine Speed150m/min150m/min150m/min
Gram Weight10-150 GSM10-150 GSM10-150 GSM
Daily Output4 tons7 tons9 tons
Nonwoven Width1600 mm2400 mm3200 mm

Single S Nonwoven Machinery Video

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