I know you’re looking for a non woven fabric making machine. That’s why you are here. Maybe you just enter into non woven machine industry. You want to become the top agent in your country. Or you are a non woven bag manufacturer with a long history. You want to produce non woven fabric by yourself. The truth is that non woven is a booming industry. It’s widely used in areas of package, household, industry, agriculture, medical and hygiene. But how can you buy the non woven machine to start this business? Today’s guide shows you the facts behind manufacturing process, machine spare parts, raw material feeding, etc.. Now let’s hit the road to be an expert in non woven fabric making machine.

winding machine of non woven production line

What is Non Woven Machine?

Basically a non woven making machine is a state of the art machine that feeds, extrudes, sprays and forms a web. Spun bond and melt blown are the most common processing methods in non woven machine.

The spun bond production process is to melt the polymer and spin it directly into a non-woven fabric. The specific process is to heat, extrude and melt polymer into a melt. Spray the melt out through the spinneret. Cool down the filaments from the spinneret and draw into a large number of fine fibers by air flow. Then join the filaments into a web by hot rolling. Melt-blown process is to use high melt index polymer as raw material. Extrude, heat and melt polymer into a high-temperature melt. The melt sprayed from the spinneret is blown into very fine fibers by high temperature and high speed hot air flow. Then gather filaments into a web on the web forming machine.

Where to Use Non Woven Machine?

Take a moment to reflect on the occasions you use a non-woven fabric. In fact, it has become an important part of our lives today. Nonwoven fabric application ranges from simple uses such as shopping bags to more complex ones such as baby diapers. Without non woven fabric making machine, we would be missing a significant aspect of our lives. Generally, produced nonwoven cloth can be used in household items, medical and hygiene articles, packages, garments and industrial and agricultural areas.

Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturing Process

If you are going to import the non woven machine from China , knowing the process of non woven fabric manufacturing is very necessary. Let’s look at flows step by step.

1. PP as the most common raw material runs from the first floor to feeding bin on the third floor automatically. Put additives into the auxiliary bin with certain ratio.

2. When PP comes into the extrusion device, it is machined into heating melt by extruding screw.

3. Melt flows into the filter which removes the impurities.

4. Clean melt has to undergo metering pump before entering into spinning box. Metering pump controls the flowing speed of melt.

5. Spun bond and melt blown are different in spinning process.

In the process of spun bond, melt sprays from spinneret and forms into very fine fiber. Fibers cool down rapidly to keep stable performance. They stretch into long filaments.

While in the process of melt blown, melt from the spinneret directly forms into the fiber by high-pressure and speedy heating air flow.

6. Filaments are processed into a net by web forming machine.

7. Nonwoven fabrics are produced by hot rolling machine.

8. Pack them after winding and cutting.

Non Woven Machine Parts

Nonwoven production line is composed of small mechanical equipments. They play different roles in manufacturing nonwoven fabric. Some core devices decide the quality of cloth. We’d better choose well-known brands.

1. Dosing equipment is the entrance of raw material.

2. Extrusion machine processes the raw material into melt. At the same time, recycling machine collects and extrudes the nonwoven leftovers into melt.

3. Filter device removes impurities from PP melt. Automatic candle filter is most common in the market. It is designed to clean without power off.

4. Metering pump controls the supply speed of PP melt flow.

5. Spinneret plate is one of the most important parts in spinning box. The melt coming from the extruder becomes filaments in the spinning machine.

6. Stretching machine containers upper and lower stretches. They are used for drawing of filaments.

7. Web former is a carrier to make the filaments into a web. 8. Hot rolling is another important part in the non woven equipment. It is used for bonding the web by pressure and heating.

9. Winding machine affects machine running speed. We usually recommend high speed wind machine which can work at 300-600 m/min.

10. There are three standard width of nonwoven fabric, 1600mm,2400mm and 3200mm. Slitter machine can cut the fabric with 100mm width as smallest.

Raw Material

Raw material of spun bond and melt blown nonwoven machine refers to PP, PET,PLA and additives such as masterbatch. They are fed into the bins in a certain ratio. Raw material is a big expense in non woven machine project. You have to prepare for one month usage. Click here to know more about polypropylene.

How to Choose Non Woven Machine Types?

When you know basic information of non woven machine, it’s time to choose the suitable machine types for your products. It’s generally up to your products and daily demands. Non woven machine includes four types, single S, double S, SSS and spun-melt composite line. For example, single S is for non woven fabric of package such non nonwoven bag. The daily output is 4 tons. Look at details of non woven machine to help you choose the right one.

non woven production line red non woven fabric

Non Woven Fabric Test

Non woven fabric quality is the key factor to judge if the non woven machine runs well or not. Experienced people distinguish it by touching and seeing. It’s a simple and direct method, but the result is not trustable. We should test non woven fabric by equipments. Different non woven cloth has different testing items. For example, tensile strength and elongation are important for fabric of nonwoven bag. It requests a good loading capacity. Hydrohead value decides the barrier ability of melt blown fabric which is the core material for medical masks. If you are going to make disposable surgical gown, test items contain tensile strength, elongation and hydorhead.

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Shipment of Non Woven Machine

Shipment is easy in past international trades. But it becomes a harsh and tricky thing during pandemic period. Sea freight rate climbs to a high peak and increases continuously. There are not containers available even though you make booking two weeks in advance. The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on production in countries around the world is part of the reasons for the surge in demand for shipment. Non woven production line usually comes with 10 40 feet containers or more. How could we do to ship machines smoothly. This shipment guide might do you some help.

After-sales of Non Woven Machine

After-sales is the last step for most products, but it’s the beginning of non woven machine project. The vendor will send 2 or 4 engineers to install and debug the non woven production line. They will train customers’ workers how to operate the machine. When everything is done, the engineers will come back to China. What to do if you encounter the problems that your workers are not able to solve? As a professional manufacturer of non woven equipments, our service philosophy is quick response, precise service,and never stop. We will create a group on Wechat or WhatsApp. The members include salesman, engineers and the owner. We offer online 24/7 service.

Feasibility Report on Non Woven Machine

An in-depth feasibility report can help you avoid risks. This analysis report should contain market research, investment funds and risk assessment. The expenses of non woven machine project refer to machine cost, factory investment, raw material stocks and so on. You should master all details. If you want to know when you will make profit, read my feasibility report on non woven machine step by step. I’m also pleased to customize a report for your non woven machine project.


That’s all the information you should know when purchasing the non woven machine. I am sure you have gained a lot and will become expertise in near future. It’s time for you to start a non woven business, an eco-friendly product. I always go with you. It’s my great honor if you choose me as your partner on your non woven machine project. I aim to help you make money, then I will earn money naturally.